Work Visa

If you are willing to go abroad for high paid salary job and gain the best work experiences then United Migration is the right place for you. We will not only arrange work permit for you as per your qualification & skill, but we also may arrange any necessary training, if required for the specific job position before sending you overseas. So don't get afraid to go abroad for work anymore, just send us your CV with full details, so that we can find the right work permit solution in abroad with your desired amount of salary & position.

It is now great desire for everyone to work in abroad to earn high wages than working in their local country. Getting a job with high salary in the richest countries of the world is no more that tough matter. If you have the right skill, qualification & experiences then many companies in overseas are looking for you. Even if you are not qualified or experienced then we can also arrange job in abroad market under very affordable cost. So don't wait or waste your time any further, just come to us and start working in abroad with your dream job position and salary.

New York - USA

We can arrange work permit in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe (Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic), Middle East (Dubai, Katar), Singapore, Malaysia & so more. Some countries for specific work permit do provide PR (Permanent Residence) option after certain years of the work permit duration.  The criteria and requirement to get work permit differs as per country to country and their work visa category. So before apply you must know if your qualification, skill and experiences are enough to apply for the specific work visa. That's why we do not charge any consultancy fee for the initial work permit assessment.

UK has tier 1, 2 & 5 work visa scheme, whereas Australia has Employed Sponcer Categories and Point Tested skilled Migration work visa system. Canada has three types of work visa program - Federal Skilled Worker/Trades Programs, Start-Up Visa for entrepreneurs and Temporary Foreign Worker Program. USA has over 60 different categories work permit scheme, within most popular are H1B, L1, E/E-3, J-Visas. Most of the European countries offer blue & green card for highly skilled and labour job position respectively. European countries are in shortage of highly skilled workers and trades person. Singapore offers Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) for professional, Employment Pass (EP) for skilled * semi- skilled workers, S Pass for mid-level skilled workers & Training Employment Pass (TEP) for students & foreigners undergoing training. Malaysia also has Employment Pass, Temporary Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass, "Malaysia My Second Home" (MM2H) Program.

Toronto - Canada

The minimum wages in USA is $7.25 per hour, whereas working in UK with any labour position you can earn minimum £6.31 to £7 per hour. The minimum wages in Australia for adult worker is almost higher than rest of the develop countries  $16.31, A$622.20 per week; set federally by Fair Work Australia. The minimum wage in Canada is set by each province and territory; ranges from C$9.95 to C$11.00 per hour. You can earn 900 RM to 2000 RM (20,000 to 40,000 T.K. approx.) in Malaysia doing full time labour job. In Europe, Denmark pay the highest minimum wages and one can easily earn around one thousand Euro (= 1 lac BD Taka) doing full time job in most of the EU countries.

Prague - Czech Republic

Cost of living also varies greatly as per country to country, so before going to work abroad please get the proper idea of living cost in that particular country. Some of the work permit program comes with accommodation & food free from the overseas employer. Some countries and foreign employer provides free health care services or health insurance for foreign worker as like NHS in UK. But we do provide full help & support to settle & migrate successfully in the new countries with proving full guidance for accommodation and any other necessity required to make a comfortable living in the new countries. Most of the letter of employment contact from overseas employer will mention your job position, salary, duration of contract clearly. Lastly try to know about the weather/climate and any further important issues such as how to open bank account in the new countries as we do even provide free consultancy during your total work permit period to keep you full hassle free living in your chosen migrated country.